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Administrative Assistant

  • Number2
  • WorkplaceHunan Province Changsha High-tech Development Zone
  • Deal3000
  • Release Date2013-12-27
  • ValidityNo limit


Job responsibilities:
1, responsible for the administrative documents, meeting minutes, reports of the drafting and daily secretarial, information submitted to the work
2, to assist the departments to other auxiliary services;
3, general manager to handle the related affairs assistant.
1, college degree or above, administrative management or related work experience is preferred;
2, has the good communication ability and service consciousness, have at least two years administrative assistant work experience is preferred;
3, highly organized, meticulous, serious, responsible, rigorous work;
4, proficient in computer operation and Office office software, have basic network knowledge;
5, has the strong writing ability and strong communication and language expression ability.
6, strong communication skills, pleasant personality, excellent image quality, can bear hardships and stand hard work, strong affinity, strong coordination ability
7, the age between 19-24 years of age, female
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